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What makes us different?

Unlike other credit cards, with GE CreditLine you have access to a great range of “Interest Free”
or “Interest Free and Deferred Payment” finance promotions, that are offered all year round on a
huge range of products including: Homeware, Electrical goods, Automotive, Home Improvements.

Why pay with cash or another credit card when GE CreditLine can be used to take advantage
of these great finance promotions?

GE CreditLine “Makes it possible” by giving you:

  • Interest free shopping all year round.
  • Acceptance at over 2,000 merchants nationwide.
  • Instant credit.
  • Access to cash at Westpac ATMs and any EFTPOS terminal.

Financial Solutions for:

Our Customers
Our Merchants

Make i tPossible - GE CreditLine

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GE CreditLine is a credit facility provided by GE Finance and Insurance,
incorporated under the Companies Act 1993 with unlimited liability.
All information in this document correct at time of publication but is subject to change.