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    Frequently asked questions


    1. Can I use my card for EFTPOS purchases?

      Yes, you can make purchases as long as you have available credit. You just need a PIN (Personal Identification Number). Find out how to get a PIN.

    2. Do I have to pay off my first purchase before I can make another one?

      If there’s available credit on your account, then no. You can use your available credit to make more purchases, or take out cash at EFTPOS terminals, ATMs or Westpac branches.

    3. How do I keep track of all the transactions I’ve made with my CreditLine card?

      Each month, we’ll send you a statement that show’s every transaction you’ve made. So it’s easy to keep on top of things.

    4. Can I swipe my card through EFTPOS and get a finance promotion offer?

      Yes, as long as it's a participating retailer. It's called 'CreditLine120'. Whenever you spend more than $100 through EFTPOS, you automatically get 120 days interest free and deferred payments.

    5. When does my finance promotion period start?

      Once you’ve got your goods and we have received all the correct documentation from the retailer, your purchase amount will be debited to your account. The date your purchase amount is debited is the start date of your finance promotion.


    1. Can I use my available credit for cash, instead of purchases?

      Yes. Just remember that cash withdrawals will incur interest from the date of your purchase or withdrawal. As long as you have a PIN number for your card, you can withdraw cash from ATMs, EFTPOS terminals and Westpac branches throughout New Zealand.


    1. When are my monthly payments due?

      Payments are due 21 days after the statement date. You’ll see the payment due date on your statement, along with the minimum amount you need to pay for the month.

      However, no payments are due on deferred payment promotions that are still within the promotional periods.

    2. Can I pay more than the minimum monthly payment?

      Absolutely. As long as you pay the minimum monthly payment, you can pay as much as you like, at any time.

    3. If I only make the minimum monthly payment each month, will I pay off my interest free purchase within the interest free start-up period?

      No. Each month, we only ask you to pay 3% of the outstanding balance or $20 (whichever is greater). If you only pay the minimum monthly payment, you may not pay it all off in that time. You'll then pay the prevailing interest rate on whatever's left.


    1. What is the prevailing interest rate?
    2. If I pay off my purchase within the interest free start up period, how much interest do I pay?

      Nothing at all. Interest is only charged on any outstanding balance after the interest free period has finished. So if you pay it all off in time, there's no interest to pay. The prevailing interest rate will only apply to any outstanding balance at the expiry of the interest free period.


    1. Are there any other fees and charges?

      There’s a one-off $55 Establishment Fee and a $50 Annual Account Fee. Other fees apply depending on the status and the activity of your account. If you’d like to know more about these fees, call 0800 500 505.

    2. When do I have to pay my establishment fee?

      With the exception of CreditLine Select and deferred payment promotions, the establishment fee is payable as part of your minimum monthly payment.

      With a CreditLine Select promotion, the fee is payable in addition to your first monthly payment.

      With a deferred payment plan, the fee is not payable until the end of the deferred period.

    3. How do I avoid incurring a late payment fee on my account?

      Just make sure we receive at least your minimum monthly payment by the due date shown on your statement.

      It's a good idea to set up direct debit so your minimum monthly payments are automatically made on time.  Login to the Online Service Centre to download the direct debit application form.


    1. What’s the minimum credit limit?

      It’s $250.

    2. How do I know what my credit limit is?

      Your credit limit can be found on your monthly CreditLine statement, or you can call Customer Services on 0800 500 505 to ask us. You can also register with our Online Service Centre for 24/7 access to your account.



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