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GE CreditLine is an effective, simple to use retail financing product that can be used to close the
initial sale, and promote and facilitate the ever important repeat purchase.

GE CreditLine is a card based revolving credit facility designed to be simple to use for both you the
merchant, and your customers. GE CreditLine “Makes it possible” by giving you:

  • Optional Insurance
  • Non-Recourse
  • Simple Applications
  • Computer based approval system and the flexibility of being able to offer standard terms or
    interest free promotions at any time.

GE CreditLine enjoys nationwide acceptance and is the popular choice as a retail financing facility
for over 3000 merchants across New Zealand.

Features & Benefits of GE CreditLine

  • Flexible Marketing Offers:  GE CreditLine offers a wide range of Interest Free, and Interest Bearing
    terms at competitive rates.
  • Non-Recourse:  You need not concern yourself with drawn out administration procedures or have
    liability recourse on the balance sheet.
  • Revolving Credit:  Customers with a GE CreditLine card can easily make repeat purchases and
    benefit from marketing opportunities and promotions.

Point of Sale Approval System

GE CreditLine provides a free software package, electronic CreditLine Automated Sales System
(eCLASS), to facilitate instant approval for finance, making finance even easier for you and your customers.

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GE CreditLine is a credit facility provided by GE Finance and Insurance,
incorporated under the Companies Act 1993 with unlimited liability.
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